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Usually better thank you now this hashtag ask Adam is the hash tag for questions I’m about to do some Q&Aup here on stage with my colleague from test comm Norman Chan please give him hand oh sorry alright so as Adam said we’re taking questions over Twitter so use the hashtag ask Adamnone of those RFID questions and we have someone in the back filtering the question okay good so what was reading out here um great talk Adam I wanted to start off you if you start off talking about.

perception and misconceptions of artists and scientists in mainstream media in popular culture are the other misconception and perceptions that work the another way around new scientists and artists have misconceptions of what the public understands and how they think about scientists that’s a really good question I think that artists because they really understand that they are conversing with the culture are more versed in a language of their cultures perhaps more than your average scientist is but I mean some of the some of the thermostat of the more brilliant people that.

I know people like Danny Hillis from applied minds and they really do understand that they do but actually I think they might be more conversant in that but actually I haven’t thought it until this very second you uh you-talk about when you’re for example planting a Mythbusters show about it being a story, yeah and I don’t know if lot of people think no that’s how you plan out this episode you think of them as narratives.

Proof That water Alkalizer Is Exactly What You Are Looking For

begin to react because that packet actually acts as a time-release capsule now what is happening is that the chlorine itself is being dissipated as gas has changed into chloride and a gas the dissipates and now we have chlorine free water thanks to the coral minerals when we talk about the health of an individual we’re really talking about two basic underlying factors and those what is the pH of the body the acid-alkaline balance because the body actually has to be slightly alkaline in nature for it to work correctly if you’re alkaline in nature your metabolism is high your energy level is high you’rea nice clean burning metabolic engine it’s also where immunity is the strongest

the other underlying factor is are you getting enough of ionic organic minerals within the body because ionic organic minerals run every function within the body for instance calcium runs a hundred and seventy different functions and we’ve got to have enough of that to not only build and replace your bones but we also have to be able to run those  functions now the pH scale runs from  to  now on this scale  is neutral our body needs to be as . as an optimal but when you’re. again metabolism is high and the body is working where it’s supposed to be your health is probably optimal but a lot of the things that we do push us down below that and down into the acidic portion this is degenerative diseases and other conditions can begin to proliferate within the body for.

this demonstration I’m using Water Alkalizer distilled water and distilled water is slightly acidic one of the things that we would like to do is to bring the body’s pH up to an at least a . as you can see here with this one we are sitting at a six well we would like to change that so that you have a reservoir of ionic mineral specifically calcium magnesium potassium and sodium that are going to help alkalize the body and keep it at that . so what I’m going to do is take this and open it up so we ‘re going to add that in I’m going to give a few stirs so that it helps to release the ionic minerals into the water and then I will put the pH scale back in again now

Shocking Facts About 7 Salon Hair Care

Vehicle we’ve seen anyway outwith that’s one interesting and I think certainly do you suffer from this kind of hair which which I do it’s well welcome to faster yeah as we’re talking about luxury I can’t get any more luxurious and Phillip be this this is an incredible it’s called forever shine shampoo with mega bounce don’t your mega balance and what’s interesting about this is if you just.

smell this fragrance now this is Wow oh my goodness or food royal and it’s got the most amazing fragrance that really lost on your hair Wow so not only does it take that makes it far more manageable again this is packed with really good ingredients are certain so do free yes so it’s got nothing in there that’s going to weigh your hair down or create buildup um but the fragrance is just isn’t it amazing is you can really smell on your hair afterwards but it does team it that’s the thing yeah way to put that on just so Nothing I’m sitting it’s not really nice and the condition of the same and that’s always beautiful this beautiful.

isn’t it the frequency are just amazing and actually this is got this has got sparkle in it did you really yeah Think Gina gives you a hair a bit of visual shine yeah it’s actually super using book now this one is is expensive there’s no two ways 7 salon hair care about it this is pounds and this one is for the conditioner so it really is considered purchase but if with this creates Christmas present it’s gold I think it’s the most gorgeous Christmas present really lovely the other thing i will layabout this I’ve use this a couple of times.

so you can see you don’t 7 salon products actually use a lot we wouldn’t move it can beery conservative with it but it is extremely nice so this is Philip be this is the dude royal you tonight absolutely nine room that’s real luxury so one other thing that I wanted to mention quickly way.

Outrageous Ideas For Your Wine Tasting In Colorado

Tasting a lot of wine from wine tasting in Colorado all over the world and I really wanted to taste my own States wine so I went to the library and bookstores to try and find guidebook to help me go out to the various wineries and there wasn’t guide book written so I thought well Guess I’ll write my own so I traveled around to the various wineries and got their information and wrote my own book historians know that grapes were grown and wine was made in the late s at that time there was a lot of European immigrants.

That went into the Grand Valley to work the mines and they brought with them their tradition moneymaking wine drinking so there was really a demand for for wine at that time also back then a governor governor Crawford planted acres of grapes in the Grand Valley so grape growing cabinetmaking really started to flourish at that time but then as we all know prohibition happened and so at that time most of the grape vines were ripped out and the fruit trees were planted the good thing about that was we have our famous palisade peach now how long after prohibition did Colorado farmers start-to grow grapes it was really.

About years it was in the late nineteens it wasn’t until nineteen seventy-eight that twelve financial investors and a great farmer or a grape Wine Tasting grower got together and formed mountaineering vineyards and that’s when Colorado or present-day Colorado started making wine and using Colorado grapes statistically the number of wineries back in was quite small there was only five licensed wineries in our state ten years later there were only wineries in our state and its really been in the last five to ten years that Colorado’s.

wine industry has really expanded and today we have a hundred and ten licensed wineries in our state that’s amazing what’s the most popular area in Colorado to grow grapes we actually have two very popular areas to grow grapes most people think of the Grand Valley is the number one which encompasses Grand Junction and palisade we actually have another area called the West Elks a VA which consists of Hot ch kiss.

Outrageous Ideas For Your Best Time To Take Supplements

Like some people maybe think justly off in a spacecraft and just find another planet institutes that I’m living there I think it’s very true that our only real path is to return venturesome way or the other and there are anyways to make your life more natural and I myself and very inspired by the the people of the path to have lived enclose connection with cows with castles I think it’s so fascinating I I think of and I’ve been looking into the highlanders of Scotland how they manage din extreme.

climate with their cattle to actually live to live very healthy live and because before I mean in times long ago we were hunter-gatherers and so there was lots of space for man to be unearth and to go and find find his foo din nature we can’t do that anymore because Nature has been used up there’s not so much land lift but with a little block of land if you have a cow maybe two cows you can mimic the hunter-gatherer lifestyle a lot because the cow has this incredible ability best time to take supplements to take grass which is such a simple.

Food that’s growing everywhere and Shetlands will produce all the food you need actually whole milk is this is the the most whole foods that exist and everything I Veda which I’ve mentioned before the cow is holy because the cow Don’t know exactly why she’s holy buyout can understand why she’s holy because she will actually provide she will keep you alive and not only alive but she will keep you very healthy so I’m very fascinated by the cow as you have seen and I would health food magazine like to make aeries about how to keep a cow.

I’ve done many things on these little videos but I’d like to make it a little BitTorrent if you’re interested in getting to know how to keep a cow and you can see that little series I’ll be making anthem in the future in the near future Think during this winter I will betaking about how to keep a cow and I’m no expert.

Important Life Lessons Restaurant Chains In Omaha Taught Us

Overburden cream and guacamole that kitchenware’s people down below look at me you may have to be careful with cameras right here luckily mine’s very small smaller than the palm of my hand soever haymaking my own chip load and nacho how many guys would like.

To see me do loaded not true my mom I would I want to do it their last full one now man I thought was bacon inside bust’s not mm-hmm nice and fillings Mexican Restaurant Chains yeah help me out in the comments rate this from like to ban like authentic authentic I mean obviously intro to Mexico it’s a real tough but this is like a Mexican restaurant episode you know show them Oh Pantheist.

Big meal I’m gonna get every last bit yeah we are almost done you guys okay business the device for gloves is the search decoration you know it’s a combo eight the decorations too I guess oh my god Oh Levi that was this completely Mexican food my song I know I’ve never really done a hot dog burrito I’ve done other tacos I’ve done quesadilla sand you new to my channel go check them.

out I give up story times in those two percent in my health but yeah I’m up my first time out I also did chip away swell but this was my first time out and about cause like a restaurant sitting outside and everything so if you liked it please give this video a thumbs up so that I know and consider subscribing every day and like I said if you want topee other Mexican Restaurant chains in Omaha food Chipolata burritos tacos or if Z is check out my other videos on this channel and I’ll see you guys tomorrow I see you all have a great day and yes okay.

Mocha Coffee Tips You Need To Learn Now

Of what’s left of what is the fruit mostly on the outside of it. And I say to most people, like why would you wanna eat the apple seeds when you could eat the apple. It’s the same thing, people could get their hands on ethereal cacao they usually don’t have the need for the seed. You know a lot of people look to it because of the hormonal value. It’s a huge amount of the benefit for the brotherliness the balancing and regulating of your hormones especially for women, that’s why they often seek it out during and around.

The mood time. But when you eat the fruit you get what funereally looking for, what you’re trying to get out of the seeds you’re actually able to get right out of the fruit itself. It’s a delicious fruit. It’s very sweet. Kidskin of got a little bit of juice to it and it’s you know you suck it right off of the seed and then spit cacao nibs substitute out the seed but those people that like to use the seed, they can be eaten straight when they’re in their purple form but we’ll actually ferment them and dry them and that’s how it turns into the cacao that people grind up and and for their you know in their diet and stuff. Mostly entertainment food is what it’s looked atlas.

John For entertainment. Why do you call it entertainment food Jeremy?Jeremy Well because it doesn’t have any major health benefits. I mean minor health benefits just like alcohol has minor health benefits like anyone that’s drinking an extreme amount of alcohol are more likely to be hurting their liver but having a great time doing it but they’re probably harming their body more than they’re doing good for their body and the same thing is often told about the cacao That it’s doing mocha coffee a lot of damage to the body but at the same time it’s very fun, a great party food,it gets people very excited. It’s got a lot of endorphin rushes to it.

You know people really enjoy it for the the exhilarating effects of it you know a stimulant similar to coffee.People that do coffee you know doing cacao is kind of an upgrade for them. People that live a really pure raw lifestyle, they might not like the cacao because it does have that stimulating effect and it is highly.

Things You Should Do In Science Technology

Show sympathy for their captors this to a tee is exactly what happens to a captured Pokemon think about it in order to capture a Pokemon you’ve got a week in it by beating the crap out of it biting clawing flamethrower enjoys Parentheses are direct threats to the safety and well-being of the Pokemon in question all of these Pokemon are trapped inside a poke ball some escape some don’t but it’s undeniable all successfully captured Pokemon failed to escape and in the end they work for you they’ll do whatever you say other studies on Stockholm Syndrome as subset of POTSDAM assert that this happens as a preservation.

Tactic that they need to survive overrides the hatred of person inflicting harm upon you in fact Stockholm Syndrome is way more likely to take place in instances where captors show perceived compassion or kindness for their victims after originally threatening them this creates a positive feedback loop which creates an attachment for the captors you know time to like beating the crap out of helpless animal and then tossing it into a poke ball that resembles a luxury resort but Austin I hear you saying Stockholm Syndrome.

These things prehuman affliction soldiers and people whore in horrible situations get them sure but animal sand definitely Pokemon don’t and that my friend is where you’re dead wrong Podcast have long-lasting sometimes permanent effects on people who experience it it’s not just psychological effects either looking all the way down to biochemistry POTSDAM is essentially an overabundance of the stress hormone Coriolis running rampant in the body Coriolis is what’s responsible for your fight-or-flight response.

And as you can imagine can be freaking terrible to experience on day-to-day basis for no reason at allcortisol aside from creating omnipresent anxiety can have disastrous physical effects on your body extreme examples being the physical deformities cushioning syndrome which is caused by an overactive adrenal gland.