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Like some people maybe think justly off in a spacecraft and just find another planet institutes that I’m living there I think it’s very true that our only real path is to return venturesome way or the other and there are anyways to make your life more natural and I myself and very inspired by the the people of the path to have lived enclose connection with cows with castles I think it’s so fascinating I I think of and I’ve been looking into the highlanders of Scotland how they manage din extreme.

climate with their cattle to actually live to live very healthy live and because before I mean in times long ago we were hunter-gatherers and so there was lots of space for man to be unearth and to go and find find his foo din nature we can’t do that anymore because Nature has been used up there’s not so much land lift but with a little block of land if you have a cow maybe two cows you can mimic the hunter-gatherer lifestyle a lot because the cow has this incredible ability best time to take supplements to take grass which is such a simple.

Food that’s growing everywhere and Shetlands will produce all the food you need actually whole milk is this is the the most whole foods that exist and everything I Veda which I’ve mentioned before the cow is holy because the cow Don’t know exactly why she’s holy buyout can understand why she’s holy because she will actually provide she will keep you alive and not only alive but she will keep you very healthy so I’m very fascinated by the cow as you have seen and I would health food magazine like to make aeries about how to keep a cow.

I’ve done many things on these little videos but I’d like to make it a little BitTorrent if you’re interested in getting to know how to keep a cow and you can see that little series I’ll be making anthem in the future in the near future Think during this winter I will betaking about how to keep a cow and I’m no expert.