Shocking Facts About 7 Salon Hair Care

Vehicle we’ve seen anyway outwith that’s one interesting and I think certainly do you suffer from this kind of hair which which I do it’s well welcome to faster yeah as we’re talking about luxury I can’t get any more luxurious and Phillip be this this is an incredible it’s called forever shine shampoo with mega bounce don’t your mega balance and what’s interesting about this is if you just.

smell this fragrance now this is Wow oh my goodness or food royal and it’s got the most amazing fragrance that really lost on your hair Wow so not only does it take that makes it far more manageable again this is packed with really good ingredients are certain so do free yes so it’s got nothing in there that’s going to weigh your hair down or create buildup um but the fragrance is just isn’t it amazing is you can really smell on your hair afterwards but it does team it that’s the thing yeah way to put that on just so Nothing I’m sitting it’s not really nice and the condition of the same and that’s always beautiful this beautiful.

isn’t it the frequency are just amazing and actually this is got this has got sparkle in it did you really yeah Think Gina gives you a hair a bit of visual shine yeah it’s actually super using book now this one is is expensive there’s no two ways 7 salon hair care about it this is pounds and this one is for the conditioner so it really is considered purchase but if with this creates Christmas present it’s gold I think it’s the most gorgeous Christmas present really lovely the other thing i will layabout this I’ve use this a couple of times.

so you can see you don’t 7 salon products actually use a lot we wouldn’t move it can beery conservative with it but it is extremely nice so this is Philip be this is the dude royal you tonight absolutely nine room that’s real luxury so one other thing that I wanted to mention quickly way.