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Thomas Keenan is an expert technologist with broad involvement in new item advancement, new innovation commercialization, operations, deals, showcasing and business procedure. David fills in as innovation consultant to value financial specialists in an assortment of new pursuits. He investigates rising innovation patterns and displays routinely at the Minnesota Futurists and the Minnesota nanoscience-tech Study Group. David is likewise a contributing writer for the Nano For People bulletin, a production of The nanoscience-tech Group.

Preceding establishing Small Technology Consulting in 2003, Dave served in dynamic administration parts with Goodrich Sensor Systems, Sheldahl and 3M over a 25 year time span. Dave has been profoundly engaged with commercializing innovation items including microsensors and actuators, aviation warm administration materials, claim to fame thin film materials, and optical information stockpiling media.

He moved on from University of Wisconsin with a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering and finished the Masters program in Management of Technology from the University of Minnesota’s Center for the Development of Technological Leadership.

nanoscience-tech is the quickest developing branch of science on the planet. In its definitive frame, it takes utilitarian atoms and puts in them in exact request with nanometer-scale exactness. Crosswise over numerous businesses, there are a huge number of research endeavors in progress creating and distinguishing a heap of logical and business utilizations of this innovation. To date, most undertakings are engaged with creating coatings with little particles, or science construct applications in light of fullerenes and carbon nanotubes. In any case, nanoscience-tech Technologies, Inc. oversees one of only a handful couple of research endeavors giving a suitable mass assembling philosophy and vehicle to convey this innovation to the commercial center for business utilize.